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For the advanced vapor, we offer a range of kits that combine high-power with custom chipsets; Sub-ohm tanks that use low resistance or rebuildable coils…

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There are two main types of Pod Kits, closed pod systems and refillable pod systems.

Looking to quit smoking?

Vape starter kits are ideal for those looking to quit smoking and take up vaping. To make this transition as simple as possible, our selection of vape starter kits have been hand-picked for their ease of use and packaged with everything you need to get started on your vaping journey.

Want to vape discreetly?

Disposable vapes, for when you don’t need more than a night or two of vaping. Disposable vape sticks are great as an alternative to social smoking, but also as a back up for a night out. No one wants to lose their main vape kit, right?