Vaping Support


So you’ve started vaping and enjoying it. You know that’s not all, but now you need to learn how to effectively recycle those parts you don’t need anymore.


It’s easy to recycle your old vape parts by taking them to designated collection points. If there’s no local collection point, the website can help you find one nearby, and if unavailable, they’ll handle the disposal in an eco-friendly manner.

1. Chargers and Wires:

Cut off the excess wire from your charger and recycle it by placing it in a designated recycling bin (not regular trash).

When recycling vape parts, remove rubber stoppers from tanks to prevent them from causing issues in the recycling machine.

2. Recycling Your Vape Device:

Vape devices contain materials like stainless steel, liners, condensers, bearings, and plastics.

Dispose of them at your city’s recycling centre or compost heap.

Repurpose components like batteries, wires, and chargers.

3. Old Vape Devices:

If you no longer use your vape device, consider giving it to friends or family who want to transition to vaping.

4. Recycling Vape Coils:

Drop old vape coils at a local recycling facility or use mail-in services.

Coils made of nichrome wire can be treated as general household waste.

5. Recycling Vape Tanks:

Atomizers can be reused even after replacing the coil, so consider giving spare tanks to those still vaping.

6. Recycling Batteries:

Remove batteries from e-cigarettes before recycling.

Trade-in old batteries for new ones or give them to someone who vapes.

Discharge batteries before recycling, using built-in USB chargers in most e-cigarettes.

Take batteries to local recycling centres or e-waste disposal facilities.


  • Disassemble your vape device and keep only the parts you’ll use.
  • Place lids, rubber seals, and metal mesh back in their original containers.
  • Ensure batteries are discharged before recycling or disposing of them.
  • Clean out tanks or drip tips before recycling.
  • Visit local recycling centres for information on recycling vape parts in your area.