Quit Smoking

QUIT SMOKING by following Totally Vapours nicotine reduction program.


A vaping-based nicotine reduction program offers a promising method for smokers aiming to quit smoking traditional cigarettes and shift to a less harmful nicotine delivery system. This program typically involves a phased approach of gradually diminishing nicotine concentrations in vaping liquids over time.

The process commonly begins with a high nicotine concentration, such as 20mg, equivalent to the nicotine intake from smoking 20 cigarettes per day. This initial high concentration allows smokers to maintain their accustomed nicotine levels while simultaneously reducing cigarette consumption.

As users adapt to lower nicotine levels, they can progressively decrease the nicotine concentration in the vaping liquid. For instance, they might transition from 20mg to 10mg (equivalent to 10 cigarettes per day), then to 3mg (equivalent to 3 cigarettes per day), followed by 1.5mg, until eventually reaching 0% nicotine.

This gradual reduction strategy helps alleviate withdrawal symptoms and cravings associated with quit smoking, facilitating a smoother transition to vaping and increasing the likelihood of success. Once users have successfully transitioned to using 0% nicotine liquid, they can continue vaping as a non-addictive and relatively harmless alternative. However, it is advisable to discontinue vaping altogether at this stage.