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How can vaping help you quit smoking

How can vaping help you quit smoking

Why I should stop smoking

No matter your age or how long you have been smoking it’s never too late to quit. With the added health benefits for becoming smoke-free being well documented. 

You can even monitor the following changes along your journey: 

  • Within 72 hours you’ll start to notice an improvement in your breathing and energy levels. 
  • After a couple of weeks, your blood circulation would have improved
  • After a month or so in you’ll notice an increase in your lung function. 
  • When celebrating a year of being smoke-free, you’ll have also reduced the risk of heart attack by 50%.   

If not all the above is not enough to motivate you to quit. Then maybe the knowledge of reducing your risk to 14 types of associated cancers can help inspire. It’s not just about LUNG CANCER. 

What is an e-cigarette? 

An e-cigarette, also known as vaping, allows you to inhale nicotine in the form of vapour as opposed to smoke. They work by heating a liquid often known as a vape juice or an e-liquid in which nicotine can be added alongside propylene glycol (pg), vegetable glycerine and flavourings.

E-cigarettes don’t produce tar or carbon monoxide which are the most damaging elements of smoking tobacco therefore are seen as a safer alternative to smoking. 

How safe are e-cigarettes (vaping)?

Vaping does carry a small risk and isn’t recommended for use by people who haven’t previously smoked due to the addictive nature of nicotine. 

The vapour does contain a few potentially detrimental chemicals but at much lower levels than smoking cigarettes alongside not producing tar or carbon monoxide as previously stated.  

How can e-cigarettes (vaping) help me quit smoking?

Unlike Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) vaping devices offers the same hand to mouth movement as a cigarette. This movement becomes habitual and is craved amongst smokers just as much as nicotine.

Using a vaping device allows you to continue the hand to mouth action which you crave alongside putting you in control of the nicotine strength you place within your vaping device. 

When first starting out vaping and on your journey to becoming nicotine-free it’s recommended to start at the same level of nicotine strength you are currently accustomed to. As you become more familiar with your device. Over time you can slowly start to reduce your selected nicotine level, with the target of reaching 0mg. 

Reducing your nicotine strength over time will naturally allow your body to start adapting to a lesser intake of nicotine and you’ll be able to monitor the progress as you don’t need to take as many puffs to get your desired hit. 

It’s important to remember everyone’s journey to quitting smoking is different. Therefore, we recommend seeking professional support as studies have found people are three times more likely to quit if they have support from their local stop smoking service.

Looking to Switch from Cigarettes to E-Cigarettes (Vaping)?

When looking to enter the vaping world. It’s important to be aware of the different types of vaping devices either mouth to lung or direct to lung. This focuses on how you inhale the vapour, mouth to lung is more like smoking a cigarette and should be the device type you choose when looking to quit smoking. Direct to the lung is like inhaling when using an asthma inhaler.

As mentioned above, mouth to lung devices is recommended when looking to quit smoking due to their ability to deliver higher nicotine levels. There are two mouths to lung device options: Pod device & Pen device.

Pod Device:

A pod device is a small vape based on a two-part system: a pod and a battery. The pod is filled with a vape juice of your desire. A pod device is an easy to use vape just like a cigarette. It’s not a very technical product with most pod devices being automatic. This means you just need to take a drag, exactly like a cigarette. 

Pen Device

A vape pen is a little complex and involves multi pieces of equipment in the form of a battery, coil, mouthpiece, and tank. The tank is where you fill the device with your chosen choice of e-liquid. 

The battery powers a heating element that warms your e-liquid to create vaporisation. 

How can we help you quit smoking?

As mentioned above, support is important when looking to ditch their cigarettes and switching over to vaping could be a little confusing. Therefore, at Totally-Vapour we provide a Free Vape Consultation Service.

Our Free Vape Consultation Service is a private conversation with a vaping expert. Designed to supply you with all the knowledge needed to quit smoking safely and choose the right equipment for your circumstance.

Selecting the correct vape device is vital to helping you reduce your nicotine intake and quit smoking. Selecting the right device is influenced by several factors including the daily volume of cigarettes. How long you have been smoking and the type/brand of cigarettes in which you are currently or previously. These will be discussed during the consultation along with any questions or vaping guidance you are seeking. 

To book a free vape consultation CLICK HERE for further details.