What is vaping?

Vaping is the inhaling of a vapor created by an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) or another vaping device.

What is an e-cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is an electronic device that simulates tobacco smoking. It consists of an atomizer, a power source such as a battery, and a container such as a cartridge or tank. Instead of smoke, the user inhales vapor. As such, using an e-cigarette is often called “vaping”.

What is an e-liquid?

E-liquid (also known as e-juice) is the substance inserted into a vape pen which gives vapour its flavour and nicotine (if the vaper is using nicotine e-liquids). When the vape pen is in use, the battery will provide the energy to heat up the e-liquid, turning it into a smooth vapour when inhaled. Offering complete versatility, e-liquids allow vapers to experiment with e-liquid flavours in a choice of non-nicotine or nicotine strengths.

What is an Ohm (Ω)?

Just as electrical current is measured in amps or length measured in meters, the measure of resistance of a coil is in ohms, sometimes seen as the symbol Ω. Most standard replacement heads for mouth to lung (MTL) vape tanks / clearomizers are between 1.2Ω to 2.0Ω. Some vapers now refer to this as ‘plus-ohm’. The term ‘sub-ohm’ is used when the resistance of a coil measures less than 1 ohm.

What Difference Does A Sub-ohm Coil Make?

If you have seen a fellow vaper producing massive clouds, the chances are they are sub-ohming. Only a few years back sub ohm vaping was solely reserved for those who built their own coils and modified their batteries. Nowadays, sub ohm tanks, pre-built coils and capable batteries are commonly available off the shelf.

  1. There are two main ways to increase the amount of vapour you get out of your coil. The first is to increase the power of your battery and therefore increase the heat; but there are limitations on the amount of power you can put through the coil before it stops creating more vapour and just gets increasingly hotter. This will eventually burn your coil which does not taste good at all!
  2. A sub ohm coil has a resistance of less than 1 ohm; it combines a thicker wire with a higher airflow so you can use more power before you start creating excessive heat. The thicker wire increases the surface area which is in contact with the cotton (wick) which means more e-liquid is vapourised, and bigger clouds are produced.
  3. As the resistance of a coil reduces it allows more electrical current to flow. Higher current means more energy is getting to the coil, faster. This results in a coil heating up quicker and reaching a higher temperature.
  4. Hotter coils lead to an increase in e-liquid being vaporized which, when combined with an increased airflow, increases the clouds produced as well as the flavour.

What is an atomiser?

One of the most critical parts of your vaporizer is the atomizer. Without the atomizer, your device is almost a useless box with a battery inside. The more you learn about what an atomizer is, how it works, and how the different atomizer options can allow you to custom-design your vaping experience, the more informed vaper you will be.

“Atomizer” is the general term used to describe any device that transforms liquid into mist. In the vaping world, it is the component of your device that is responsible for heating up your vape juice to create the smokable vapor.

Atomizers (specifically, the heating coils within the atomizer) are measured in ohms. Ohms refers to the amount of resistance the specific atomizer has. If you are looking for at an atomizer that has a lower ohm level, you can expect is to demand more power. If you have ever heard the term “sub ohm,” that relates to an atomizer that has coils with a resistance level of less than 1.0 ohm, “sub” meaning “less than.”

When should I replace my coil?

Coils all need replacing periodically; the length of time between changes depends on a number of factors. The amount of device use, power settings, chosen e-liquid, and other variables, all affect the lifespan of the coil. Normally you would want to replace your coil as and when you encounter a burnt or poor taste from your atomiser.

Are there different types of vaping?

There are two types of vaping – Mouth to lung (MTL) and direct lung (DL). MTL is similar to how you would smoke a cigarette whilst DL resembles smoking shisha.

How do I choose the vaping product that’s right for me?

The best way is to contact one of our customer service advisors, they are trained to help you make a well-informed decision and you can reach them via phone, email or live chat. All the details you need are in the “Contact Us” section of the website.

What is the difference between 'mouth to lung' and 'direct to lung' vaping?

Mouth to Lung – With mouth to lung (MTL/M2L), you inhale the vapour and collect it in your mouth before breathing it fully into your lungs. The atomisers used for this provide a tight draw and are what new vapers should start with first to ween off smoking.

The process closely mimics the effects of smoking and is what early adopters of vaping will be used to as the first e-cigarette kits only allowed for the MTL method. Additionally, MTL setups usually require fewer power settings (wattage) and can handle higher nicotine and PG levels.

Direct to Lung – Direct to lung (DL) vaping is much closer to breathing normally. The DL devices are newer, more advanced setups and their atomisers have a much looser draw that require the use of your lungs directly to inhale.

Far more vapour is produced (cloud chasing), there is more flavour, and the hit can be more intense and satisfying. Because of the bigger hit, it is important to choose a lower nicotine content (usually no more than 6mg). Users will also often favour a higher VG liquid which is much smoother, and a vape kit with airflow control.

Which nicotine strength should I go for?

E-liquid comes in various different strengths of nicotine and there is no exact rule in regard to which strength you should be using. However, what we will try and do is break down each strength and how using different types of devices can give you different results with your chosen nicotine strength.

To get it out of the way, you of course can get 0mg e-liquid. This, containing no nicotine can be used in any device and all you will get is flavour.

What strengths are available?

By law, the maximum strength available in the UK is 20mg. Nicotine can come in all sorts of strengths, but you will typically find nicotine in the following strengths:

  • 3mg (0.3%)
  • 6mg (0.6%)
  • 12mg (1.2%)
  • 18mg (1.8%)

The higher you go in your nicotine strength, the stronger it will feel in your throat. Nicotine can give you a scratching/tickling feeling in the back of your throat when you inhale – a lot of people will complain about this and it can make you cough after each inhale. If this is happening, then your strength is probably too high for you.

Nicotine strengths in MTL (mouth-to-lung) devices:

MTL devices are designed to produce the same amount of vapour as you would get smoke from a cigarette. You can use any strength of nicotine up to a maximum of 20mg which you will find suitable for yourself.

It is hard to break-down the strengths as it’s a subjective matter, however this how we normally explain the different strengths:

-18mg of nicotine is for heavy smokers who find themselves smoking 20 or more cigarettes a day

-12mg of nicotine is for people who are somewhere between 10-20 cigarettes a day

-6mg of nicotine is best suited towards people who smoke under half a packet of cigarettes a day (I will just point out that 6mg for MTL devices is probably our most popular strength)

-3mg of nicotine is better for ‘social’ smokers who are not too dependent on nicotine

That will hopefully give you a rough indication on what strength might be right for you. As mentioned above, this is all subjective to each individual need and how they feel with the strength of nicotine.

Some users will start on their desired strength and be comfortable with it, and some will start a bit lower to get used to the sensation before going up to the right strength that will satisfy their cravings. The great thing about e-liquid is you can change your strength whenever you want!

Nicotine strengths in DTL (direct-to-lung – also known as sub-ohm) devices:

With DTL devices, the way you inhale is completely different – it’s like breathing through a wide straw and exhaling straight away. This makes the nicotine on your throat feel a lot stronger – as well as the fact you’re inhaling a lot more vapour which in turn carries more nicotine per inhale.

In regard to what strength of nicotine is used with DTL devices, a rough estimate would be that 95% of users who choose to use nicotine will use 3mg. The remaining will use 6mg and very rarely you will find someone using above 6mg.

How do I know if what I am buying is genuine?

For hardware, most brands that we distribute have a scratch-off verification code (sometimes called “Scratch & Verify”) which you can use to verify that products from our website are genuine. It’s not a legal requirement, therefore not all products have the code. Most e-liquids do not come with a verification code, therefore the best way to know that they are genuine is to purchase through a registered, official retailer such as ourselves at Totally Vapour. All our products are 100% authentic, we only purchase from official distributors and suppliers whose products comply with industry legal standards.

What PG/VG split do your e-liquids contain?

The majority of our own brand range of UK made Totally Vapour e-liquids are a 50/50 VG/PG split, but each flavour shows the specific blend in the listing on our site

Our premium, high VG UK made Totally Vapour e-liquids contain either 70(VG)/30(PG) or 80(VG)/20(PG) and are fantastic for flavour delivery and vapour production.

What are the health implications of vaping?

Studies from the British Medical Association have shown that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking. The NHS are also supporting the use of e-cigarettes in their quit smoking / Stoptober campaigns. There is no carbon monoxide or tar within the vapour, as confirmed by doctors and recent studies by the Royal College of Physicians.

Why is e-liquid coming out of the tank and going in my mouth?

If the coil is over saturated the excess e-liquid within the atomiser may flood the tank and you could end up with droplets of liquid on your lips / in your mouth. If you get e-liquid in your mouth, it is advised to rinse your mouth out with plenty of water.

What are the benefits of e-cigarettes versus regular cigarettes?

They’re not completely risk free, but they carry a small fraction of the risk of cigarettes. E-cigarettes do not produce tar or carbon monoxide, two of the most harmful elements in tobacco smoke. The liquid and vapour contain some potentially harmful chemicals also found in cigarette smoke, but at much lower levels.

Is vaping cheaper than smoking?

Vaping can work out to be between 50 – 90% cheaper than cigarette smoking.

How do I prime my coil to avoid premature burnout?

It’s really important to make sure your coil is primed properly before you first fire the device. To achieve this, you can follow the following simple steps:

Step 1: Attach the new atomizer coil, this has to be done before adding e-juice to the coil to avoid e-liquid from getting on your fingers.

Step 2: Drip some e-liquid into the holes at the top and the side of the coil, allowing the cotton inside soak it up between drips. If there is any excess once the cotton is fully saturated you can simply flick the coil to let it come out, then fill the tank with the e-liquid and leave it for a few more minutes to ensure full saturation.

Step 3: Take some dry puffs without firing the device. Here it is recommended not to take deep or strong hits and make them limited to 3-4 puffs because excessive hits could cause the coil to flood.

Step 4: If your device has adjustable power, turn it to a low setting and fire it there, this will properly break-in the new wire. A proper break-in gives a good start for the new wire to expand and contract smoothly due to the temperature changes during vaping. Work the power higher until you are back to your preferred power level.

These steps help heighten flavour intensity, increase the lifespan of the coil and eliminate possible burnt hits.

How old do you have to be to buy a vape product in store and online?

To purchase any vape product or any e-liquid you have to be above 18 years old by law. You may need to verify your age with a driving licence or passport if you visit a store if you are lucky enough to look under 18! When ordering online you may need to pass an age verification check before purchasing products.

Will vaping help me to quit smoking?

Some people use these as a tool to cut down the amount of tobacco they use, and others can completely come off of tobacco products using electronic cigarettes. Please be aware that as with any product that replaces smoking. Completely coming off of tobacco requires willpower. “There is growing evidence that e-cigarettes can help people stop smoking. Using an e-cigarette can help you manage your nicotine cravings. To get the best out of it, make sure you’re using it as much as you need to and with the right strength of nicotine in your e-liquid. You won’t get the full benefit from vaping unless you stop smoking cigarettes completely. You can get advice from specialist vape shops or your local stop smoking service.”

Is it legal to vape indoors? Are e-cigs affected by the UK smoking ban? Am I allowed to take my vaping products on a plane if I am going away?

The simple answer is no. Where you can and can’t vape has changed drastically in the past few years, there originally was no restrictions on vaping, but this was only a matter of time as it grew in popularity.

There is no legal restriction to vaping in the UK; there are local laws and bylaws in force that prohibit vaping.

Although there are no laws currently that prohibit vaping in or outdoors; many establishments and local authorities have imposed their own restrictions, as is there right. Not everyone wants to be covered in a cloud of vape.

If the laws of these individual establishments and institutions are violated, then the vaper could be asked to leave or in extreme circumstances prosecuted if it is a local authority. It’s all about being mindful of the people around you, being polite and courteous.

An example of places that prohibit vaping;

  • Most airlines and airports
  • Most trains and railways stations
  • Most bus services
  • Public venues such as art galleries, museums & shopping centres
  • Taxi services
  • Some bars and restaurants

It doesn’t have to be a minefield however; most services and places now have easily accessible signs that tell you if vaping is prohibited. If in doubt, just politely ask they would much prefer you do that than start chucking out vapour and then having to ask you to leave, losing your patronage.

Vaping while driving –

Vaping while you drive could land you with up to nine penalty points and a fine of £2,500.

If your car is full of vapour you will be pulled over for driving without due care and attention.

This also extends to passengers, if you allow your passengers to vape in the car and it clouds out the vehicle, you can be pulled over for allowing it to impede your ability to drive safely.

Handy tips;

  • Check with staff before you start vaping in bars or other public settings. Although you may be allowed to legally vape indoors, this ultimately falls down to whether the management allow it in their establishment.
  • Don’t cloud-chase in public places- even if you are in a bar or pub that allows vaping, it isn’t a good idea to show off by blowing clouds of vapour. If the pub is busy, somebody is bound to complain and that might then lead to a total vaping ban. Even if you’re walking outdoors, people will rightly object if they suddenly have to walk through a thick cloud of custard scented vapour.
  • Don’t vape in places where it will disturb others, such as the cinema or in restaurants. No one wants plumes of vapour blown into their faces when they’re trying to enjoy a nice meal or watch a movie.
  • Respect vaping laws in places like aircraft and trains. Although you might be tempted to try stealth vaping or nipping into a toilet cubicle at work, sensitive smoke alarms fitted in aircraft toilets and on trains can be triggered by e-cig vapour, and I’m sure you don’t want to be responsible for creating a false fire alarm, which is also likely to get you fined and blacklisted by the airline or service.

Does vaping taste the same as smoking tobacco?

The flavours differ widely, so if you have a blueberry flavour, it will taste of blueberries but you may be able to taste the nicotine if the strength is quite high or higher than you use normally. There are also tobacco flavoured e-liquids available, which resemble the taste of cigarette smoke.

Do e-cigarettes and e-liquids produce a smell?

Yes, the vapour can leave a small amount of smell depending on the e-liquid and type of device. Some smells can be pleasant to you but not to others, so please take this into consideration if you are using the electronic cigarette in confined spaces.

How often can I vape? Can I use vaping products as often as I would if I was smoking?

Some people will use their electronic cigarette very regularly, taking a couple of puffs every hour, whilst others may use it in the same way as if they were smoking cigarettes. If you would normally smoke a cigarette then you can use your vape instead in the same pattern as smoking.

Is there a danger of second hand smoke from electronic cigarettes?

As electronic cigarettes give out vapour there is no secondhand smoke, but people may experience secondhand vapour inhalation if you use your electronic cigarette in a space that is not ventilated or is confined. According to NHS, there is no evidence that exposure to e-cigarette vapour is harmful for bystanders.

What am I actually inhaling when I vape on an electronic cigarette?

You are inhaling the vapour produced from heating a mixture of water, vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), artificial and natural flavourings and nicotine if you choose to have this in your eliquid.

Do you sell clones?

At Totally Vapour, we made the decision very early on to not sell fake or copied products – more commonly known as clones – for several reasons. Not only do these products sit in a very grey area in the legal zone, they also undermine the efforts of hard-working manufacturers and mod makers around the world.

For those unfamiliar with the buzz around ‘clones’, it’s similar to how high-cost designer handbags are copied, ever-so-slightly modified, mass-manufactured, and sold at a tiny fraction of the cost of the genuine product. The world of vaping has grown so rapidly that we’re seeing more and more premium manufacturers cropping up, creating unique devices from amazing materials and using engineering techniques so good that the end result is, what many vapers would call, a piece of artwork. This is often reflected by a premium price for the product. With such a device, you’d often find a serial number engraved on the device, a presentation box, and perhaps even a certificate of authenticity. It’s not always the expensive devices that get cloned, though. As with most consumer goods out there, almost anything with a recognisable brand name can be recreated in anonymous factories and sold cheaply enough to entice consumers to buy their clones instead of the real thing.

Now, whilst we recognize we could make good revenue on clones, it’s not the kind of business model we want to have. As vapers ourselves, we love the work that manufacturers put into their products, and we want to support them. There’s also the biggest issue of all: safety. No one knows what batteries are being used in these clones. No one knows the materials used in clones of atomizers, and many of them come to you still with machine oil on them. We’ve even seen mechanical mod clones without vent holes. There’s not a chance we’d ever risk selling something so potentially dangerous, even if it yields massive profit margins. You can be sure that whenever you buy anything from Totally Vapour, you’re buying genuine and full authorized products that we received directly from the manufacturer.

Why doesn’t my discount code work?

Please give us a call on 01217063332 or email info@totallyvapour.com if you have any queries about this and we’ll do our best to assist.

I have received my starter kit, what do I do know?

Awesome news!

Best thing to do first is to charge up your battery, quite like when you get a new phone, the batteries come partly charged. Simply take the charger and attach this into a USB port on a laptop or computer. Then take the battery and gently screw it onto charger. The charger light will go red and then to green once fully charged. Please be aware the batteries must be charged using the provided USB charger in the starter kit.

Whilst that is charging you can prepare the clearomizer (top part). All our starter kits come with bottom filled clearomizers. To fill, you need to hold the clearomizer upside down, having the mouthpiece pointing to the floor. Next, unscrew the ridged base (where the coil sits) away from the plastic barrel; place the base to one side. Next step, adding the liquid, tilt the unit to a 45-degree angle then pour the e-liquid into the side barrel, avoid getting it down the central tube. Once filled attach the base back on and turn the clearomizer upright to let the liquid soak into the coils.

Once your battery is charged, assemble your unit!

Every battery has a lock and unlock safety feature. The batteries will come locked. To activate your battery press the main button 5/6 times rapidly. Once unlocked the button will flash. Hold the button down (the light should be solid) and inhale. If the button flashes, this indicates the connection is made too tight, or it still needs charging. When pressing the button down you are making a connection with the coil to heat up the liquid, this will make a crackling sound, which shows its working!

How do I spend my reward points?

Log in to your Totally Vapour account via the ‘My Account’ icon at the top right-hand side of the screen. When you put items into your basket, you’ll see your accumulated Reward / Loyalty Points on the right-hand side for you to allocate towards your order.

My e-liquid is changing colour?

Some of our e liquids change colour as they mature. This does not impact their flavour whatsoever!

What is TC vaping?

You set the temperature you want the atomiser to run at versus selecting the voltage or power output of the mod. This means that when you press the power button the e-cig mod monitors the temperature and intelligently adjusts the power to keep the coil at the desired temperature and maintain it.

Why does my clearomizer taste burnt?

If your clearomizer is running low on liquid, it may ‘dry burn’ as the head is not fully saturated. Simply keep your clearomizer topped up with e-liquid to avoid this happening. If your clearomizer is topped up with e-liquid, you may need to replace it.

Do I need a spare battery for my e cigarette?

Depending on your day-to-day schedule it is normally worth having a spare in rotation. Check out our Accessories page to see a selection of what we produce and stock.

What is government advice regarding e cigarette?

The UK Cabinet Office published a report in 2011 recommending that electronic cigarettes should become more widely available in the UK as they are preferable to using traditional tobacco products.

How often do I need to replace my Clearomizer?

How often do you use it? On average, a clearomizer lasts 1-3 weeks. However, many people use the same clearomizer for months without a problem. You’ll know when to change it because it will start to taste a little burnt and/or will stop producing vapour.

What is the difference between PG and VG e liquids?

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) e liquid is a thick, slightly sweet liquid that produces luscious clouds of vapour. VG e liquids deliver less of a throat hit. A minority of users complain about a build-up of phlegm in the throat.

Propylene Glycol (PG) e liquid is much thinner and produces more of a throat hit than VG – this simulates the feel of smoking more authentically. However, PG e liquid may cause sensitivity in some users. We would then recommend using the VG e liquids instead.

How do I stop my Clearomizer leaking?

Leaking is easily preventable. Never let the liquid sit above the top line printed on the clearomizer. This can happen if the unit is left upside down or on its side and will cause it to leak. In order for the unit to work properly there must be a hole for the vapour to exit and this is an essential part of your Vape.

We strongly advise you NOT to keep your Tank in your pocket. Due to their long structure, putting it in your pocket puts undue stress on its joints which can cause an array of issues. If you must keep it in your pocket, remove it when you sit down. Please try not to drop or crush it, as it can cause the unit to become misaligned and the joint between the battery and clearomizer will weaken, shortening its life span.

Why isn’t my e-cig producing vapour?

If it’s not producing any vapour your clearomizer/cartomizer may be empty. Replace your cartomizer and fill your clearomizer with e-liquid. If you try to vape without any e-liquid, it could burn out your clearomizer which could permanently damage it, making it unusable. Cartomizers last on average 1-3 days, so if your clearomizer stops producing vapour, simply replace your cartomizer.

If your battery is running low on charge then this will affect the vapour production. Using a steady long draw versus a quick sharp draw should produce a better vapour.

How long will it take for my products to arrive?

Please view our ‘Shipping’ page for more information.

There’s eliquid in my mouth

This can sometimes happen if the clearomizer has flooded, the cartridge overfilled, or if the e-cig has been drawn on too hard. However, the number one cause is keeping your e-cig upside down or putting pressure on the clearomizer by keeping it in your pocket. We suggest keeping it upright at all times to ensure that the liquid is always kept below the top printed line on the clearomizer.

E-liquid may taste bitter so rinse your mouth out with water if this occurs. Use a paper towel to mop up any excess liquid you can see on and around the e-cigarette and make sure it’s as dry as possible before trying to use it again. Please be rest assured that small amounts of e-liquid will not have a negative impact on your health.

My battery doesn’t work even though I’ve tried charging it. Am I doing something wrong?

It may be locked! Try clicking the button 5 times (quickly). It will flash a few times and will either lock/unlock itself. Locking your battery will stop it being activated in your bag/pocket which will prevent burning out your clearomizer, using up its charge and wasting your e-liquid. It is important to lock the device every time you are finished with it, especially if you are around children.

What are diketones?

Diacetyl is a chemical used in the flavouring industry to produce a creamy, buttery flavour. It is part of a group of chemicals known as Diketones, which also include Acetyl Propionyl and Acetoin. Acetyl Propionyl and Acetoin can potentially contain or form trace amounts of Diacetyl under certain conditions.

The fear around Diacetyl comes from a case in the 1990’s where a group of workers in a microwave popcorn factory contracted ‘popcorn lung’ (bronchiolitis).

Diacetyl (used in the butter flavour) in very high concentration in a powdered form. It is generally accepted that the Diacetyl was the cause of the disease.

The Diacetyl that is found in E-liquids is not the same as the ones found in this factory, for one it is not in powder form which is more harmful to lungs. There have been no recorded illnesses relating to popcorn lung caused by vaping.

Diacetyl is safe for use in food and is present in cigarettes at a level somewhere between 10 and 100 times that found in any vapour product to date.

The TPD prohibits the use of Diacetyl in any TPD approved e-liquids as a precaution, all of our own brand E-liquids adhere to these rules.

What are nicotine salts?

Unlike regular e-liquids, nicotine salt based e-liquids have the advantage of allowing you to vape a higher concentration of nicotine, but with a surprisingly smooth draw. They give a faster nicotine hit which can satisfy cravings quickly, within just a few puffs. This can make a huge difference for many new vapers, who might have found conventional e-liquids unsatisfying.

What are the advantages of nicotine salts?

  1. They deliver a stronger nicotine hit than conventional e-liquids. Because the nicotine is absorbed by the body faster. This makes them ideal for people who don’t get the hit they need from vaping normal free base e-liquid.
  2. Nicotine salts deliver more nicotine with less vaping, so are good for people who want to reduce the amount they vape, as the nicotine hit is more satisfying.
  3. Nicotine salts are smoother on the throat than normal e-liquid. If you find that vaping your regular e-liquid is too harsh, or you are not too fussy about getting a throat hit, nicotine salts could be the answer.

What are the disadvantages of nicotine salts?

You can easily get too much nicotine. Remember- nicotine salts are designed for low powered devices and are NOT intended for sub-ohming!

Weak throat hit. This is what nicotine salts were designed for. Some people enjoy the throat hit, so the smoothness of nicotine salts might not satisfy you.

Where can I buy nicotine salts?

We have 20mg nicotine salts available in 10ml bottles compatible with low powered devices available here.

What are concentrates?

Concentrates are the flavours that go into your e-liquid, they come as concentrated food grade flavours, hence the name. We have a large variety of flavours from some of the best brands in the industry, including our own brand.

Choosing the right flavour concentrate –

It is important when choosing flavours to mix with you think what you would enjoy most, are you more into fruity flavours, do you favour desert flavours like custards and tarts? By choosing what you already enjoy in your day to day it makes the concept of choosing flavours much easier. Percentage as a rule of thumb you should never go over around 20% flavouring in you mix to stop it becoming too harsh, this isn’t a hard rule though you find some recipes call for 24% in some cases, don’t be afraid to experiment. We recommend starting at 10 – 15% and going from there, add more if it’s too weak but you cannot take away once it’s in.

Additives –

Additives are concentrates that are meant to be used in very low percentages to compliment the overall recipe; these include sweeteners (such as ethyl maltol, sweetener & super sweet) and coolants (such as menthol, WS-23, & Koolada) They boost and compliment mixes; at high percentages they can ruin a liquid by spoiling the flavour or causing harshness in the throat, making it unvapable.

Getting to grips with concentrates –

  • Mix small batches first – but not too small. We tend to experiment with 10ml batches. More is wasteful, but less makes it harder to measure ingredients accurately and consistently. Also 10ml makes it easy to work out percentages (e.g., 1ml=10%).
  • Less is often more. As a general rule, we find that the simplest recipes tend to be the best. A liquid with two or three different flavours is much easier to get right and reproduce consistently than one with more.
  • Smell the concentrates before experimenting. If a flavour smells strong or harsh, you’ll probably need less in your mix. If it smells weak start with more.
  • Pay attention to the starting percentage recommendations on our product pages. If you are blending 2 flavours you could start with half of the recommended percentage of each.
  • You can pre-dilute flavours with PG before mixing. For example, if you have a very strong flavour that you use a lot you could mix 1 part of the concentrate to 4 parts PG, for a concentrate 1/5th of the strength. This can make the flavour easier to blend with others.
  • Starting out with concentrates from the same manufacturer can make things easier at first, as they will often need a similar amount of dilution.

What flavour percentage should I use for DIY liquid?

Everyone has very different tastes when it comes to the amount of flavouring in an e liquid. One person may find a certain flavour overpowering at 10% while another thinks it is too weak at 15%.

There will always be a lot of trial and error in mixing your own e liquid. You will make a lot of bad mixes along the way. But it is worth all the pain for when you find those amazing combinations that are vaping heaven!

What is steeping?

Steeping is a process used in e-liquid production that involves letting the juice “age” over a period of time to improve or strengthen the flavours. Steeping e-liquid is something that can be done on a small, DIY scale as well as an industrial one. So, if you want to improve an e-liquid’s taste or just want to see how it changes after steeping, you could try one of the methods below.

Breathing & Steeping –

The most popular method of DIY steeping is to just let the bottle of e-liquid sit in a cool, dark cupboard for a couple of days, giving the bottle a good shake every now and then. Simple. There is an optional step to this method known as “breathing.” This basically means letting the bottle of e-liquid sit in the cupboard with the lid off for no longer than 10 hours. Steeping of the e-liquid is then resumed with the lid attached. Your liquid may slightly change colour over this process due to oxidation of the nicotine (this happens whether you “breathe” the liquid or not). Remember that all e-liquids are different, so there is no set amount of time you are supposed to steep for. Leave your liquid for two days at first, and then try it. If you aren’t happy with the results then just give it some more time. Also, more complex e-liquids will take longer to steep than simpler ones. For example, the mix that is made up of 4 flavours will take longer to steep than a mix with only one flavour.

Warm Water Method –

This method can speed up the steeping process and is also very simple. It consists of keeping your bottles of e-liquid in hot water (never boiling water though as this could possibly damage the nicotine), for a couple of hours before placing the bottles in a cool, dark cupboard. The water temperature temporarily thins out the e-liquid, allowing it to mix faster. If you use the warm water method then your liquid won’t require as much time in the cupboard and you can test it after one day instead of two. Again, steeping e-liquid isn’t an exact science and the time your liquid needs, or if it needs it at all, is completely down to your own preference. Just make sure you don’t go past any use-by dates that a manufacturer may have included!

What PG / VG ratio is best?

Almost every e liquid is made up of a combination of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG). Each adds different qualities to a liquid and – much like flavour percentage – the PG/VG ratio of an e liquid is very much down to personal preference.

Choosing the right PG & VG ratio –

If you’ve never made e-liquid before we’d suggest starting off with either a 50/50 ratio or 70 VG and 30 PG.

Keep in mind that nicotine can be carried in either VG or PG for a mix of the both at different ratios; always check what your nicotine is suspended in when working out your ratios as it will affect the final result.

Flavourings are typically suspended in PG as it carries flavour better, there are some companies that do provide flavourings in VG, and if you want a very heavy VG liquid you may want to consider using these. One on One carry some VG flavourings if you are wanting to try some out.



We do not recommend a pure PG liquid, it will be incredibly harsh on the throat hit and very thin, so will not wick well in any atomizer.


A 50/50 mix is a good starting point for new mixers while you get used to mixing. This will work in most tanks and will wick properly; you will find that you may go through liquid quicker as it will atomise quicker being a thinner liquid. This will give you a decent throat hit, ideal if that’s what you are currently craving.


This is the most common Short fill ratio you will see in vape shops. Will work well in most devices, should give you a smooth vape that still has that throat hit.


This ratio will give you a thicker liquid, ideal for sub ohm and people who use RBAs. The slightly decreased flavour is more than compensated for with higher wattage, 80/20 has a vast power range available to it, but more depends on the atomizer/RBA you’re using!. You will have a smooth vape with little to no throat hit.


This mix can only be achieved with VG based nicotine and VG based flavour concentrates. It will be very smooth and have no throat hit. We have 100% VG E-liquids, for your convenience, available on our website.

What PG/VG Ratio is best?

The best PG/VG ratio is dependent upon your preference, if you like big clouds and use a modern, sub ohm e-cig, then 80VG / 20PG might be the best. On the other hand, if you’re using a small, EVOD style setup then you would find closer to 50VG / 50PG ratios being the best. It’s entirely based on your own atomizer, mod and personal preference.

What is a short shot?

Short shots are bottles already prefilled with the correct amount of a premixed flavour, ready to fill up with your own preferred ratio of PG, VG & Nicotine. It takes the guess work out of mixing your own flavours, allowing you to enjoy a large quantity of an amazing flavour.

How do I store my liquid?

To keep things simple, light, heat and air are the enemies of e-liquid. Too much exposure to any of these things will cause your e-liquid’s flavour to gradually deteriorate over time. Always store e-liquid in a cool, dark place and ensure the caps are fully tightened on the bottles.

Keeping Liquids Safe –

Always make ensure that you store your e-liquid well away from children or pets. It’s worth remembering that the caps on your bottles are only “child resistant”- a lot of kids will be able to open them in next to no time, so a lockable box is even safer.

Short Term E-Liquid Storage –

The best place to store your e-liquid for a short time is in a high cupboard. This keeps it well out of reach, it’s nice and dark and it should be away from any sources of heat (but make sure it’s not over a radiator or near to an oven). A lockable storage box will keep it extra safe if you have kids that can reach your high cupboard. Squeeze your plastic bottles before screwing on the caps to remove most of the air and ensure the caps are firmly tightened.

Long Term E-Liquid Storage –

For long-term storage, keeping your e-liquid in the fridge or the freezer will extend its life even longer. This works in the same way as freezing your food; it reduces exposure to heat and bacteria, so your e-liquid won’t “go off.” Your e-liquid will not actually freeze, but it will turn thick and gloopy. Remember to allow it to reach room temperature before vaping it after you remove it from the freezer. Ensure you keep your liquid in a separate airtight box while it is in your fridge to avoid it contaminating the food stored in your fridge. A lockable box would be perfect to avoid the attention of curious kids.

How do I clean my e-cigarette?

Most of the time, keeping your vape in good condition only requires changing your coil or replacing your pod. But if you’re picking up a mod you haven’t used in a while, rediscovering an old favourite tank that’s full of ancient mystery e-liquid or you’ve simply put your favourite kit through the wars, it might require a little bit of extra attention to get it looking and feeling like new again. You might be surprised at how much difference to flavour, cloud production and overall performance deep cleaning makes!

How To Clean And Maintain Your Vape Mod

We recommend the following steps to keep your mod working well. Remember that the mod is an electrical item, so don’t wash it with water.

  • Remove any removeable parts, such as batteries, battery doors, the tank and any covers or cases.
  • If your mod uses replaceable batteries – inspect the batteries to make sure they are free from scratches or tears in the wrap. Replace damaged batteries immediately.
  • Remove any visible debris like lint.
  • Give the entire mod a wipe with a dry paper towel. Use a cotton bud to wipe harder to reach areas like inside the connection pin (where the tank screws in) and around the charging port.

While cleaning a mod isn’t too difficult, the best way to keep it clean in the first place is to keep an eye on your tank when you’re refilling to catch any leaks before they reach the mod – especially if you’ve just installed a new coil. It is unfortunately possible for an e-liquid leak to damage the circuitry of a mod, so you’re better safe than sorry.

How To Clean And Maintain Your Vape Tank

Outside of changing your coil when the flavour weakens or when the coil changes colour, it can be useful to give your tank a good deep clean every couple of weeks. We also recommend washing your vape tank if you are switching between two dramatically different vape flavours – there’s nothing quite like filling up with a lovely sweet dessert flavour, only to find that mixed in with that flavour is the ghost of the menthol flavour you were previously enjoying! Some particularly strongly flavoured e-liquids do have a tendency to “stick” to the tank, so if you just can’t shake that weird undertone we do recommend a thorough clean.

  • Detach your tank from the rest of the device, then disassemble your tank into as many small parts as you can. For most vape tanks, this will mean: the drip tip or mouthpiece, the top cap, glass tube, bottom cap, coil and any chimney or extension pieces. Dispose of your old coil: unfortunately, if a coil is burned out there’s no way to wash it clean.
  • Gently sit all of the components in a heatproof bowl or cup.
  • Pour warm, not hot, water over the tank pieces. Water that is too hot can damage the tank, so either wait for boiled water to cool or fill the container half with cold water and then half with hot water.
  • Let the pieces sit for five to ten minutes. This should dissolve away any e-liquid residue as well as dust or dirt.
  • If there are any stubborn bits of residue on the tank, dab a little bit of standard washing up liquid on the offending mark and lather, then rinse under running water for at least two minutes to make sure all soap is completely gone.
  • Drain the pieces, and then dry them thoroughly with a clean paper towel. Make sure to double check that the airflow holes are free of debris.
  • Give the pin (the part that screws into the mod) a wipe to ensure there is nothing to interrupt the connection.
  • Make sure everything is completely dry before reassembling the parts.

Note: if this is the first time you are disassembling a particular tank, we recommend having the manual to hand so you can easily put all the pieces back together. There’s nothing worse than spending ages trying to figure out where that last tricky piece should go!

How To Clean And Maintain Your Vape Pod Mod

 While the line between pod kits and tank kits is blurring more and more due to the boom in pods with replaceable coils, one thing pod mods still have in common is that generally the chamber that holds the e-liquid sits inside the body of the device.

  • Remove the pod from the device. On most pod devices like the Caliburn you simply need to pull the pod up, but on some others like the Geekvape Boost there may be a release button.
  • Use a paper towel to soak up any drops of e-liquid that may have leaked onto the pod or the mod.
  • Use a cotton bud to gently sweep round the connection pins to make sure they are not clogged with e-liquid or dust. Also clean the airflow points.
  • Other Tips For Cleaning Your Vape Gear

At Totally Vapour we’ve all had our fair share of e-liquid spills and mishaps… to save you from the same, we’ve compiled our top tips.

  • E-liquid on your hands? While washing with warm soapy water is ideal, if you can’t get to a sink we recommend using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. It cuts through the stickiness with ease.
  • E-liquid spill? Surface cleaners containing vinegar will instantly remove any leftover film. In a pinch, a spoonful of white vinegar mixed with about 200ml of warm water also works well.
  • Finding shortfills a pain? If you can never seem to pop those lids off without an e-liquid explosion (it’s happened to us all), we recommend purchasing a bottle cap removal tool.

I’m worried about battery safety?

A vaporizer battery is no different from a battery that you use every day with your hands, keep in your pocket, and hold up to your ear in order to make conversation on a daily basis. That’s right, your phone battery. Vape batteries come in many different shapes and sizes and most are made up of lithium-ion chemistries which provide an incredible amount of power and can also be found in laptops, tablets, and medical devices. As with any electronic device, there is always a risk of explosions or fires and vapes are no different. However, what makes vape batteries so different from cell phone batteries is that cell phone batteries use custom-made lithium ions that are made specifically to meet the device’s demands.

Many vaporizer’s batteries work a little differently as they are not ‘manufacturer approved’. It has become a popular trend for vapers to choose their own vape batteries as well as to customize their devices in order to produce more power and bigger vape clouds. As a result of this, many vapers who don’t possess the right knowledge are at risk. Explosions can also be attributed to incorrect use, cheaply bought products and poor quality devices.


  • Buy a quality vape – A high-quality vape is a good investment to make as it greatly reduces the risk of explosions which are common in cheaply made products.
  • Do research before selecting the right battery – if you’ve purchased a vaporizer that doesn’t come with a built-in battery, you’ll need to choose your own. Most standalone vape mods are battery not included, and so buying high quality rechargeable 18650 batteries for them from reputable brands is crucial.
  • Buy a quality smart charger – explosions can occur due to overcharging or discharging of batteries. A smart charger offers more safety features than a regular charger.
  • Use a battery case for transportation – it’s crucial to always carry your extra batteries in a case and not to leave them loose in your bag or pockets. If batteries come into contact with metal objects such as coins or keys, a hazardous explosion can occur as the interaction can complete a circuit between a positive and a negative.
  • Be aware of the weather – Fluctuating temperatures, either extremely hot or extremely cold can damage your device’s battery which could lead to explosions. Batteries are generally safest between 50 and 115 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Use the correct charging cable – Using a different cable to what your device came with can cause problems because the charger you are using may have a higher voltage than your battery which will cause your device to overheat.


  • Never use damaged batteries – using a damaged battery will never end well. If there appears to be fault, if the wrapping is damaged or frayed, or your battery fails to keep charge, expose of the battery safely.
  • Don’t leave battery charging unattended – not keeping an eye on your vape while it’s charging is a safety risk. Most well-made mods have a cut-off point where they stop charging when they are full but unfortunately this function fails sometimes. In order to avoid overcharging your battery, make sure you check it regularly and never charge at night while you’re sleeping.
  • Don’t exceed the amps of your battery – understanding Ohms Law is a vital part of battery safety. Take the discharge rate (the amps) divide it by your voltage level by coil resistance (ohms) and never exceed this rating.
  • Don’t charge or rest your device on flammable surfaces – Never rest your mod on a pillow or flammable device and it’s important to prevent exposure to direct sunlight. Therefore, don’t leave it in your car or on your windowsill for long periods of time.
  • Don’t mix and match sets of batteries or battery chargers – while many batteries and chargers may look the same, you should never mix and match these components because the voltage output may be different which will damage your batteries.
  • Never over-discharge your battery – This can be as harmful as overcharging your device as it causes serious damage and weakens your battery.

How do I take care of my hardware?

See below for advice on Hardware maintenance;

Coils –

Always use your coil within the recommended wattage or temperature range to ensure you don’t burn your wick. When you’re using a coil for the first time, start with a low power setting and gradually increase it until you get the flavour and hit you like. Putting too much power into your coil straight away might make it burn out.

Some vapers rinse used coils under the tap and reuse them. We wouldn’t recommend this because cleaning coils with tap water can leave residue and bacteria on the coil. Your juice will always taste better with a new coil.

Tanks –

We recommend that you clean your tank every two weeks. Changing to a fresh coil is always a good excuse to give the whole tank a good clean. If you’re not sure how to clean your tank, please see our guide.

Always try to keep your tank in an upright position. Tanks left on their side, especially overnight, will tend to leak.

Buy one of our Vapable vape bands to give some added protection to glass tanks. Dropping your vape is easy to do (especially after a few pints) but a vape band will help to protect your tank from breakage.

Mods –

Ensure your mod is clean from excess e-liquid and general gunk, paying special attention to the 510 thread. You can use a piece of tissue, a paper towel or a cotton bud to clean around the 510 connection. Some vapers like to use alcohol such as vodka to help clean the connection, but NEVER use water to clean your mod or battery.

Batteries –

Ensure your spare batteries are stored correctly, preferably in a protective box so they cannot be knocked, scratched, or dented. Never carry loose batteries in a pocket or handbag.

If your mod takes more than one battery, “marry” the batteries. This means that you buy batteries of the same type and at the same time. Charge your pairs of “married” batteries together and only ever use them together. This way, you ensure that they share the load equally and one won’t wear out before the other.

What is dripping?

Dripping is basically the same as any other type of vaping, except that there is no tank to supply liquid to the wick. Instead, e-liquid is dripped directly onto an exposed coil from a bottle or a dropper. This soaks the wick, so that when the coil is fired, the liquid vaporizes in the normal way. You can then take a few puffs before you need to drip more liquid onto the wick again.

Dripping Atomisers –

Because there is no need for a tank, specially designed dripping atomisers are used. Rebuildable Dripping Atomisers (or RDAs for short) have a wide mouthpiece leading directly to the atomiser coil. E-liquid is dripped onto the coil through the mouthpiece. RDAs usually have terminal posts for connecting your coil to and a small deck for the tips of the wicks to sit in. The deck forms a small “well” to collect any extra e-liquid pooling there. Most dripping enthusiasts routinely create their own coils and wicks and there are plenty of people who prefer and love the experience of dripping.

What are the advantages of Dripping?

Vaping with a tank means that the vapour has to travel all the way through the device before it’s inhaled – and some of the vapour’s strength and taste gets lost along the way. Dripping gives bold and intense flavour thanks to the direct heat applied to the e-liquid.

Although they only hold a small amount of e-liquid, using an RDA means that you can easily switch flavours. If you get tired of one flavour, you can then drip an entirely different flavour if you wish. Dripping can let you easily and quickly test the taste of the e-liquid.

If you enjoy experimenting with vaping equipment and e-liquid flavours, dripping takes the hobby to a whole new level. Some people would even say that dripping is an art.

What are the disadvantages of Dripping?

If you vape simply to get a regular nicotine fix after smoking cigarettes for years, you’ll find that all the faff of dripping e-liquid is time-consuming, so dripping isn’t for hardened nicotine addicts.

It takes some time to learn and perfect the technique, and then each drip will only give you fewer than ten inhales before it’s time to do it all over again.

Dripping can be inconvenient. The need to drip after every few puffs means that you can never go far without a bottle of e-liquid. Spills and leaks are more likely and it is impossible to drive safely while using an RDA.

How do you Drip?

Take your dropper or e-liquid bottle and place three or four small drops of liquid directly onto the coil. Do not drip too much juice, or it will flood the coil, which will result in the hot liquid spitting into your mouth. Keep a steady hand as you drip each drop, to avoid spilling or missing the coil.

Push your drip tip or RDA cap back into place, fire up your device and inhale. You will be rewarded with a huge vapour cloud that is full of flavour.

Take another few puffs and then start the process all over again.

How Not To Drip!

At the first sign of a dry hit, stop vaping and drip more e-liquid. It is very easy for an RDA to run dry and overheat, so don’t try to prolong your e-liquid or you will get an unpleasant dry hit.

Do not drip too much e-liquid into your RDA. Flooding can cause the coil to produce hot droplets that can fly up into your mouth and burn you

Don’t find out the hard way what “kissing the red dragon” means. This is what happens if you forget to put your drip tip mouthpiece back into place and put the red hot coils straight onto your lips. You can easily do this absent-mindedly and it isn’t a good experience!

What is squonking?

Squonking is essentially hands-free dripping. Squonking provides a kind of halfway house between having the convenience of a tank with the flavour of a dripper.

Flavour chasers use squonking to get the satisfaction of using an RDA while out and about.

Why does it have such a silly name?

Back in 2009, a DIY modder (known on forums as Carlos49) had the idea to create an RDA which could be kept topped up by feeding e-liquid into it from a squeezy bottle fitted into the mod. He eliminated the need for dripping from the top by developing a special bottom feeding atomiser. The prototype was described by Jack Murray, another forum member: “it just squonks the juice right up in there every time you give it a squeeze” and a new vaping word was born.

Do I need a squonk mod?

Yes. Inside a squonk box mod there is a squeezy silicone e-liquid bottle and a battery. An opening on the side of the box allows you to squeeze the bottle with your finger, which forces e-liquid up through a plastic tube. The tube connects to the RDA through a hollow 510 connection pin. As you squeeze the bottle, e-liquid is pushed up into the RDA, saturating your cotton and wick. When you release pressure, any excess e-liquid runs back into the bottle. You can then hit the fire button and vape as normal.

Do I need a squonk RDA?

Yes. You need an RDA that has a bottom feeding pin to connect to your squonk mod. Many of the newer RDAs include a BF pin in the box.

What are the advantages of squonking?

Squonking eliminates all the hassle of dripping.

Squonking is a lot less messy than dripping. If you drip too much e-liquid in a regular RDA, it has nowhere else to go but down the sides of your mod. With a bottom feeding dripper, excess e-liquid goes back into the bottle.

Your e-liquid is built into the mod, so no more forgetting your bottle.

What are the disadvantages of squonking?

Due to the fact that a lot of space is taken up by the squonk bottle, most regulated squonk boxes can only accommodate a single 18650 battery. This won’t provide enough battery life or power for many vapers.

Removing, filling and inserting the squonk bottle can be messy and a bit of a hassle.